Pokemon Go & Business

Business owners,

Have you seen an increase in customers within the past couple of weeks especially with millennials? Well this might be because your business or a business close to you might just be a PokéStop for the mobile game “Pokémon Go”. A plethora of small businesses have been using Pokémon Go as an entertaining yet unique marketing tactic for many reasons, the main one being expanding your customer base! Pokémon Go has only been available in the United States for a few weeks and it is the #1 app downloaded above Facebook and Snapchat. If you stroll through almost any local park, mall, etc you will see crowds of people walking around interacting with strangers all because of the joy this mobile app brings. This app can be extremely beneficial to your business (and it’s fun to play too!)

 If there isn’t a PokéStop (a free store for PokéStop “trainers” where players can get eggs and other items which is noted by a small blue cube on the map), you can easily request a PokéStop for your business. When users tap your PokéStop, they will immediately see minor details that you have provided for your business. Pokémon Gyms, on the other hand, are places where players have the ability to battle other players on different teams with their Pokémon or for Pokémon training (against their own team). These gyms are typically placed at locations where there is a consistent foot traffic (parks, malls, government buildings, etc) while small businesses are more likely to get a PokéStop. If you or one of your employees have downloaded the gameafter a PokéStop has been placed at/near your business you can drop a lure which gives Pokémon Go players extra incentive to congregate near your store because the lures not only attract Pokémon helping every user but it also attracts more players!

Here are some more tips to help your business!

1) Use social media to your advantage

                - Use your social media accounts to invite people to play or turn it into a contest (i.e post a picture of a Pokémon you caught at our store for a chance to win a free gift card!). Just extending the invitation shows that you’re encouraging players to have fun and check out what your business has to offer.

-  To make sure your business gets exposure, ask players to share their favorite Pokémon photos taken at your business and tag your business when they do. Depending on which social network they share to, they can either tag your business in the post or tag it as the location they were playing at. Either will give your business some social media engagement among the player’s audience, and further if they share the post publicly.

Be sure to look for public mentions so you can thank players for coming and further engage with your customers and fans!

-          Encourage players to check in while playing. Hopefully the check-ins will either lead to more players coming to your business or new reviews on your Facebook Page.

2) Wi-Fi and Mobile device charging stations

                - If you want Pokémon Go players to play at your business, there are two vital things they’ll need: Wi-Fi and charging stations. Use your social channels and window signage to let people know that you offer both so they’ll feel welcome to play.