4 Reasons to Use a Full-service Ad Agency… (and 1 You Might Not Have Thought of)

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Marketing your business can be tricky when you’re starting out. The Internet is full of ideas on how to set your business apart from the crowd. But how do you know what will work? And how do you avoid rookie mistakes? The answer may be finding an agency to help you craft your message and make sure the right people are hearing it. Here are four reasons to use a full- service agency…plus one you may not have thought of!

1. A full-service agency will present your business in the best light as an innovator, not a follower

The biggest mistake that countless companies make is being focused on reacting instead of acting. They look at a successful business model and try to recreate that success. This means their company is never cutting-edge, and they look like a poor copy instead of an innovator. While other companies are playing checkers, your agency should be playing chess – always three moves ahead. Why try to mimic someone today when you can be the one everyone else wants to copy tomorrow? A thorough understanding of marketing trends and changes means you are able to position your company as the biggest thought leader in your field.

2. Reach your customers where they are

Social Media: With the right social media talent, your business can go everywhere that your customers go. There is just one problem: some business attempts at social media marketing might as well tag themselves with #Fail. A good agency will make sure your social media accounts are trending for all the right reasons!

Signs: In an age of digital advertising, it often seems like consumers don’t want to look up from their phones. However, there’s one time where they are guaranteed to look up: while they’re driving! Your agency should be skilled in both traditional and non-traditional signage for your business. From advertisements on billboards so big your customers can’t miss it, to going mobile in a whole new way with car wraps that will market your business down every highway and byway.

TV placement: Ad buying and placement are the pillars of your marketing. What is the point of having an amazing advertisement if no prospective customers actually see it?

3. Tailor your brand

Every business knows how powerful the call to action is. Asking for consumer reactions is a  way to do everything from gauging consumer interest to converting customers. However, a CTA falls short if customers don’t fully understand your brand. A good agency understands that you can’t build your company up without first building your brand. Data-driven, multi-channel marketing expertise should be focused on providing the kind of relevant content your consumers crave. By the time they get to the CTA, they are genuinely engaged and ready to learn more.

4. Everything under one roof

It’s important to know what you are getting. The best agencies don’t outsource any major operations or services. Instead, everything you need is handled in-house by a team of specialists who understand your unique marketing needs. They have the speed and control needed to deliver a quality product. It also makes it easier for you to work directly with the team to get a final product with the quality and accuracy you desire.

5. Expertise-hire the gurus instead of having to be one yourself!

At the end of the day, advertising is really an art —no, not Picasso. It’s not enough to truly understand your demographic and craft a compelling ad; you still need to be a guru of buying advertising space and placing the ads. What if you’re not an ad guru? That is where your agency partner comes in. An agency with nationwide experience and buying power ensures that your marketing casts a wide net. Your agency should also be an expert at local advertisement, helping you generate a homegrown groundswell of local consumers. Are you ready to find out what a full-service agency can do for your business? Contact Banton Media today for a no-hassle consultation.

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