Direct Mail: The Perfect Complement to Your Digital Advertising Strategy

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Everyone has to check their mail.  It’s a necessity in the average American’s daily tasks. So why not continue to send direct mail when you know for sure people have to see it?

The greatest benefit to direct mail is the physicality of it. People still enjoy holding a physical copy of your advertisement. Even in this extremely digital age, the hands-on experience customers can have to your company allows for a better-remembered ad. Recent research shows that 54% of people actually enjoy opening mail from the brands they like. Emails just aren’t as exciting as physically getting to open mail, no matter how digital we’ve become. Not to mention the fact that studies have shown direct mail requires 21% less cognitive function to understand than digital ads.

Plus, if you like saving money, direct mail is the way to do it. It is another one of the most cost-effective channels out there today. Companies are able to create eye-catching designs that can be made into direct mail pieces by a print vendor. Another great way to save money is by testing a small batch to start off to see if the approach works for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re sending out direct mail while also doing digital advertising, this is a great way to add to your branding while having a multi-channel approach that will have people remembering your name.

Execution of direct mail is much simpler than digital advertising in a few ways. It doesn’t require much knowledge when it comes to technology that is quick and ready to go almost instantly. With digital campaigns, you wait around and optimize it in order to figure out what works best. Your physical mail piece grabs a customers attention while your digital campaign competes for screen space and drives your spending up when there’s a lot of competition. Some people may think direct mail is not as good of an option as digital because of this point – you can’t really optimize throughout your campaign. It’s normally a one and done deal where you send the mail out and it’s done. But, this is why you print the direct mailers you think work best and try it out. I love the idea of experimentation for each company and each advertisement because you can see other companies’ numbers all you want but if you do the exact same thing, it doesn’t guarantee you the exact same results.

Sending direct mail is trackable if done correctly and it’s easily targeted. You’re able to send direct mail to loyal customers and new prospects. It can be personalized to fit the wants and needs of each customer with directed campaigns. It will also have their name on it, if you go that route, so they know you didn’t just shove a piece of mail in their mailbox like everyone else’s. Up to 55% of people are eager to read their mail, according to the U.S. Postal Service, so putting their name and specific customizations to make it more tailored to your customer will make them eager to open your mail, too.

Direct mail has a proven track record. With years of experience and trusting of the postal service, people are accustomed to getting advertisements through their mailbox.

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