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Get Back To Business

by hiring a full-service marketing agency

The worst time of year to make significant creative and branding changes is at the height of the summer season and the winter holiday season when consumers are active and your brand is getting lots of exposure. Now is the time to invest in marketing, attract new customers, and keep your current customer base interacting with your business.

Through tough periods such as the covid-19 pandemic, topline results were compromised, and advertising budgets were often one of the first areas to get cut. However, during the pandemic, marketing has undergone a digital transformation, changing the customer journey, and becoming imperative to small-large businesses' success.

Banton Media is a full-service media and marketing agency that has the tools and experience to get your company back to business. You know your business better than we do, and we know how to craft strategic campaigns to engage your audience and build sustainable relationships.

Website Services

Design, Development, SEO

The design of your website is often the first impression for consumers, and we’re here to make it as awesome as possible.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads, Geofencing, Retargeting

Google Ads, retargeting, mobile geofencing, and much more. A company as innovative as yours deserves marketers who know how to push the envelope.

Video & Photography

Original Content For Traditional & Digital Platforms

A generation ago, we heard that video had killed the radio star. Now, it’s even more extreme: video has killed almost everyone else! If you want more consumers, you need to add more videos and photo content.

Social Media

Organic & Paid Campaigns

When it comes to Social Media Management, the success of your business hinges on your business being where your customers are. With the right social media talent, your business can go everywhere that your customers go.

Branding & Design

Graphic Design, Logos, Brand Guidelines

Banton understands that you can’t build your company up without first building your brand. Our data-driven, multi-channel marketing expertise is focused on providing the kind of relevant content your consumers crave.

Email Marketing

Internal Campaign

An email marketing campaign is a great way to directly reach your customers, and elegantly written content with an eye-catching can do more than keep potential customers informed about what your organization is up to— it can lead to valuable conversions.

Additional Services

We Are A Full-Service Marketing Agency

Banton Media is a full-service media and marketing agency. If you're looking for something and still haven't found it on our site...give us a call and we'll give you a solution.

Our Process: Getting Started

Needs analysis_white
Needs Analysis

Tell us about your current marketing assets, initiatives, and business goals.

Content strategy & roadmap_white
Content Strategy & Roadmap

Good lookin' designs are the first step, now let's make sure we're putting it to good use!

Content intake_white
Content Intake

Give us your marketing assets or we will get to work on creating them for you.

Final edits & review_white
Final Edits & Review

Before we launch your campaign, let's make sure everything is 100% good to go.

Design & development_white
Design & Development

We will custom design the items needed to make your campaign successful. Give us all the input you want, we're with you every step of the way.

Your custom site meets the world! _white
Your New or Refreshed Brand Meets The World

We can now get to work and make sure your target market is seeing your product and/or services and converting customers.