Cost-Effective Marketing: How Email Marketing Delivers High ROI

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Does email marketing even work? Yes. Yes, it does.

In order for email marketing to work, it needs to be done right. When you get a trusted provider that can store your contacts and make an easy setup for your campaigns, you’re already a step ahead.

So how do you build this email database? Well, what you don’t want to do is buy an email list. This is a lazy, disruptive way of creating a list. These people are unaware you even have their email and will more than likely not accept your messages. A lot of email inboxes will immediately mark your email as spam if you’ve never emailed that specific person before. Inboxes will also throw your email into spam if your IP address matches the one that has sent spam previously, according to Mailchimp. The best way to create your list and grow it is through your website or when holding an event. This way if someone is interested in learning more or keeping up with your company, they can enter their email. A great way to entice them is offering coupons or other incentives to make people want to sign up even more. Social media channels can even be used to share your sign up on! All of these ways are much more effective in the long run because you’re gathering people who purposefully sign up to be communicated with.

Email marketing is great for businesses starting out because of how cost-effective it can be. You might not have as many contacts to use yet, but you’re not spending a ton to get the word out. According to the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 spent on email marketing brings in $40. I’d love if I could make a $39 profit every time I send an email! It’s a great way to get your name out there on a mass scale because basically everyone these days has an email. So that’s a ton of customers you have access to, and with the simple click of the forward button, your email can be spread to your customer’s network as well.

Now it’s understandable that no one likes spam emails. I personally delete a lot of them daily. I know for me, there are a few that really stand out to me, just because of the subject line. On those particular ones, I’ll easily open them to see what it’s all about. Success with emails all depends on how well you appeal to your audience. While it’s a cheap and easy marketing strategy, you have to be creative and make sure you stand out among the wave of emails most users get every day.

The creative possibilities in emails are endless. There are so many ways to brand your message, add in fun details, and get your audiences’ attention. When choosing an email marketing platform, try and get one that allows test messages. This way, you’re able to create a couple of variations and see what works best. Even the subject line can be tested nowadays. It’s a huge asset to be able to see how far your email can go with the reach you have.

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