The Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Marketing Agency for Your Business

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Having a cohesive marketing strategy starts with just one thing – a full-service marketing agency. Now you may be thinking, “I don’t care who does my marketing as long as it gets done.” Well, it actually matters a lot more than you think.

First things first, we all love saving money – if it’s free, it’s for me, right? Well, you know your marketing cannot come free, but cheaper options are available! It’s called getting one agency to do everything for you. Whether you need everything from SEO to social media, or just some photography and videography, if you stick with the same people, you’re going to be saving money rather than outsourcing to different agencies. Having multiple agencies means multiple fees, multiple invoices, and multiple checks to send. Having a full-service agency means you eliminate that all down to one, getting rid of a lot of unnecessary time you spend organizing and differentiating between all your marketers. With multiple agencies, you’ve got to be in contact with all of them to make sure everything is getting done in every place. The more time you spend worrying about marketing, the less time you spend running your business which ruins the whole point of hiring a marketing agency in the first place.

Not to mention having a full-service agency is most definitely cheaper than attempting to get your marketing done in house, both time and money wise. Most of the time, your agencies will already have all the right tools and equipment to get your work done and do it well. If you attempt it on your own, you’re looking at thousands down the drain and also wasted time, which no one has extra of these days. For us at Banton Media, we’re able to cut down the time you spend worrying about marketing your business because we handle everything. When we have meetings with prospective clients, one of the biggest things we hear when asking about what they’ve done marketing wise so far is “Well, I’ve just done whatever on my own.” You don’t have to be a marketing professional to know that that’s not going to work in the long run. We can appreciate the fact that people want to learn things to help their business grow, but in reality, that’s what we’re here for. We are here to make your job easier by taking those things you try on your own and capitalize on it, so choose the team that can do it all-in-one.

Having a full-service agency means you only ever have to worry about one marketing agency, and if they’re doing their job right, there’s no need to constantly check up. If there ever comes a time you do need to contact your agency, you’ve got one phone number to call. The fact that all your marketers are under one roof will help the communication between you and them but also the communication between that team. Having one team with a bunch of experts will allow them to share ideas and make sure the campaigns they’re running for you work well together – your brand’s story isn’t compromised when you work with one agency. When sharing your ideas for what you’d like your brand or business to say or do, sharing it to one group allows them to know what you want and give you results that stay true to that. The story you want your brand to tell can get very lost in translation if you’re explaining it to your social media team and then going to talk to your website people later on, who don’t talk to each other because they’re not a team. Using different agencies will have your social post one day saying something completely different than your email campaign. A very important part of marketing today is how well your brand flows and makes sense, so it’s crucial to have your brand in one place at one time.

Experience is a key component when checking out agencies, and the most experienced agencies are normally the ones with all their services under one roof. They all bring their expertise to one table and are able to share their knowledge with their team, so everyone is constantly learning from each other and able to help each other in different aspects of marketing. For example, Banton Media has a small team that does very big things. We all know our areas and don’t hesitate to learn about how we can help each other. We are able to get (almost) everything done under one roof so all the projects we tackle get done seamlessly. This only happens in agencies where communication is key, which becomes more and more evident every day – you cannot tell a story if all your facts aren’t lining up!

When you’re in search of some marketing help, don’t hesitate to reach out to those full-service marketing agencies. Even if you don’t need every service right away, if you decide you do later on down the road, they already understand your business and can easily implement another tactic to your strategy.

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