Social Media Marketing 101: Learning the Basics for Business Growth

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It’s evident that social media is on the rise, but what’s with people not letting it in? I get the whole idea of sharing on the internet and having your whole life be in the palm of your hand may seem nerve-wracking, but if you’re a business owner – you need to join the wave already. Any preconceived notion you may have of social media is about to go flying out the window.

First off, social media is so visually pleasing, and that’s all people care about these days. The whole point of marketing on the internet is sharing something that will grab the user’s attention. Kristen McCormick from ThriveHive said “When you’re on Craigslist, how likely are you buy a product that has no picture? In fact, do you even click on posts with no picture?” To answer her question (at least to speak for myself), I’m not clicking on an ad with no picture. That’s because our minds and eyes are now trained to be drawn in by something visually, now more than ever before. No matter what people say, aesthetic is important. If your social media feeds are attractive, it will reel in more eyes. More eyes mean more buys.

Alright, so you don’t understand how social media works. There are two options for you at this point. You can learn the basics and grow from the experience, or you can hire someone to do it for you. If the second option is for you, call Banton Media at 843-299-1221. But like I was saying, marketing agencies have digital branches and services for a reason – we realize it’s important and not everyone wants to spend their time figuring it out. Even if you don’t want to spend the time, absolutely make sure you spend the money to get it done properly and get it done often.

Now you’re thinking “Social Media doesn’t reach everyone.” Well if you think that, then you can’t think TV reaches anyone anymore either. Why? According to Paige Cooper with Hootsuite, “On average, 50 percent of people use Facebook daily, while only 39 percent watch television.” So if you’re still advertising on television, you can’t say social media won’t help you. And this statistic just works with Facebook – what about Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn even? Social media is the place just about everyone gets their news nowadays. Especially the younger generations, which are the people you need to begin trying to target.

Social media advertising statistics

Just take a look at these stats! There are so many people on the internet, 70% of North Americans use social media daily to be exact (Paige Cooper, Hootsuite). Marketing to 70% of the population may seem difficult, but that’s so many people you have the chance to impress. And with the analytic features installed in just about every social media site, the back end of the operation gets that much easier.

Any other concerns you think you would have about using social media to benefit your business? Leave me a comment and I’ll address that next!

*Data from ThriveHive and Hootsuite

*Graphic from Hootsuite

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