Building a Strong Brand Identity: The Connection between Purpose and Marketing

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Are you a business looking for a marketing agency to help you figure your stuff out? Good idea. Hiring someone to take your brand to great lengths is the best way to spend your money, but you can’t do it without a vision.

We love clients who ask for our advice and ways they can bring out their best features, but don’t come to a marketing agency expecting them to run your business for you – that can’t happen! When you create a business, you do it for some purpose. Keep that purpose with you through any obstacles you tackle to create it. Give that purpose value – show your customers that you have a backbone to what you’re doing. Without a clear path you want your brand to take, your marketing agency team won’t know what to create or how to implement any kind of campaigns.

The main reason you need to have some sort of mission and core values is when your agency begins strategizing how best to reach your audience, they need to know what exactly to showcase. You need to bring your business to life for whoever you hire, and the best way to do that is through original content. Giving someone the basis of what you’ve done so far and showcasing what you do through photos, videos, and digital presence gives your marketing team a much better understanding of what it is they need to do for you. So, when you bring us the vision, we can create your story. You confiding in a marketing team with the path you want to take allows them to continue the creation of content.

Since I’m on the social media team at Banton Media, I am one person out of a team of people that needs content. Granted, most of our clients, old and new, have come to us with a set mission and they know where they want to go – I love that! We want people confident in their brand, but when the original content runs out and the story needs to go on, what do we do? We can’t continue to use the same things over again, retelling the same story. That gets boring for us and definitely doesn’t attract any new faces. Plus, as a 20-something who grew up on social media, no one wants to see repeated content and no flow. Ask any millennial who is fluent in social media – your brand does best when it tells a story, so you need a constant flow of communication and information in order to convey that story. You know your business, marketing teams know social media, so with the right collaboration, the story can be told.

Ceil from Cella Consulting explained that having core values, a mission, and a vision allows you to “clearly express what brought your organization into existence and how it continues to define, benefit, and drive the corporation.” Plain and simple, you didn’t start your business for no reason. So, what’s your story?

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