White Label Marketing: How It Works and Why It’s a Game-Changer

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Have you ever thought about letting others build a bridge between you and your customer for you? Outsourcing your marketing is a great way to handle that, and if you want it to be all in your name, you get it white labeled. Full-service marketing agencies can easily take your brand and slap it on something they’ve done and make it yours.

According to Vertical Rail, “A white label product is a product made by one company, but sold under a different brand name.” This simply means a company is hired to build or create whatever it is you need, then they take their name off of it and put yours on it. The most widely used example of this is Wal-Mart. They have their brand that is a compilation of other company’s products where the label is switched to say Great Value.

Investing in a service like this makes it much easier for you to run your business. You’re spending less time building or creating whatever it is your company needs and more time actually doing the things a business owner would do. I’m sure a lot of entrepreneurs have this “I can do it all” attitude, which is respectable when owning or running a business. If you attempt to do things on your own, you might be wasting your time and money, while losing business. I mention this a lot when suggesting outsourcing your marketing is not a bad idea. This puts your ideas in the hands of the professionals, who have the tools and time to perfect your strategies and put them out with ease. You doing everything yourself means you need to learn it all and do it all while still running your business? Sorry, but not everyone has that kind of time and no one knows everything about everything. It’s okay to throw your hands up and admit you just don’t know how to do something. That’s where the help comes, thus alleviating some unnecessary tasks and stress.

Getting things to your customers in a timely fashion is normally what keeps them coming back for more. Whether it be products or marketing, whatever it is you’re able to white label, the turnaround for this service is usually much quicker. Since someone is handling it that understands how to do it and has knowledge in it, they’re able to get your work done faster. Not to mention the fact that this is their JOB. They spend their days doing whatever it is you need them to do.

Another great thing about white labeling is the way a company can keep your brand consistent for you. One on-going trend that will never lose traction is brand consistency. It goes over well in all customer’s eyes, so it’s important to keep that on the forefront of your ideas and products. Going to someone for white labeling will allow them to worry about keeping the story flowing and it gives you more time to actually write that story.

The only real downfall for a service like this would fall on the ones doing the service. They are unable to take credit for the work they’ve done because it’s officially (and legally) signed over to your brand. Again, this is their job and they work towards the success of your business through their knowledge – it’s what they do. It’s what we do, too. Contact Banton Media for further information.

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