Influencer Marketing: The Key to Amplifying Your Brand’s Impact


Influencers. The new fad when it comes to promoting products. If you have a big following with a loyal audience who trusts your opinion and engages with your content, you’re probably an influencer.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an influencer is “an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.” These influencers normally have a specific niche audience that tends to relate to the content they post.

If you’re a business considering using influencers as a marketing strategy, make sure to consider all your options. You are able to contact some influencers directly while others will be represented by an agency. These agencies will negotiate deals with you on behalf of the influencer so the terms are fair and both parties understand the promotions.

There are also online platforms that have a selection of influencers you can choose from depending on what you’re looking to promote. These platforms are a bit different than agencies because the services don’t technically represent the influencers; they’re more like a space making it easier for brands and influencers to find each other.

The safest bet? Going through an agency. This protects both you and the influencer from any unethical practices. Your brand would be compromised if an influencer was buying followers or engagement because this isn’t authentic, not giving you the results you thought you’d get. Going through the other two ways of communication (direct contact or online platforms) may seem to cost less but you have to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the person you’re entrusting with your brand.

The use of influencer marketing will easily increase your brand awareness and reach. Having influential people post about your product will help target your specific audience and increase your SEO. With your brand and keywords plastered on social media sites, you’ll be in front of a lot of people that might not normally see your brand. Having someone speak for your brand that endorses it and believes in it will also build their credibility when their audience tries and enjoys that same product, helping you build a loyal following for your brand, too.

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