Award Winning Full-Service Marketing

No BS Marketing

We are the kind of marketing agency that builds your trust and gains your loyalty. Banton Media doesn't have customers; we have relationships. However, to appreciate what we do, you first have to understand who we are.

Even though we work with businesses of all sizes, Banton is a marketing agency that was born and built on the dreams of small businesses. That’s why there is no minimum budget required for projects, and we’re happy to offer a free initial business analysis and solutions.


Impactful Marketing Solutions

We are a media and marketing agency, and we do everything that falls under those categories. What do we do? We save clients time and money, all while helping them grow their businesses.

Design, Development, SEO

Website Services

The design of your website is often the first impression for consumers, and we’re here to make it as awesome as possible.

Google Ads, Geofencing, Retargeting

Digital Ads

Google Ads, retargeting, mobile geofencing, and much more. A company as innovative as yours deserves marketers who know how to push the envelope.

Graphic Design, Logos, Brand Guidelines

Branding and Design

Our data-driven, multi-channel marketing expertise is focused on creating content to help build your brand.


Work That Inspires + Delivers

Banton Media believes great and innovative ideas come from close collaboration - between our team and yours. Why try to mimic someone today when you can be the one everyone else wants to copy tomorrow?


About Us

There is a rookie marketing mistake that countless companies make. They focus on reacting instead of acting, which means they look at one of today’s successful business models and try to recreate that success. This means their company is never cutting-edge, as they look like a poor copy instead of an innovator.

While other companies are playing checkers, Banton is playing chess. That means we’re always three moves ahead. Why try to mimic someone today when you can be the one everyone else wants to copy tomorrow? Our understanding of marketing trends and changes means we are always able to position your company as the biggest thought leader in your field.