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Retaining Customers and Why It Matters

    We have all heard it before; it is cheaper to keep existing customers than to recruit new ones. But have we ever thought about the data behind it and why it matters so much? According to Outbound Engine, by increasing your current customer retention by 5%, your profits can jump from 25-95%! While…
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How to influence purchase decisions in customers

Influencers. The new fad when it comes to promoting products. If you have a big following with a loyal audience who trusts your opinion and engages with your content, you’re probably an influencer.   According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an influencer is “an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because…
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Let your creativity run wild

It’s time to get creative. You’d think it would be common sense to want to stand out in the online world these days, but it seems like more and more people are following in each other’s footsteps.   There’s nothing wrong with liking what you see on someone else’s profile or taking ideas from another…
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Robot professor explains the essence of the 8vyk3mp

How long has social media been around?

I know I am not the only one that has noticed that there are no new social networks. So is the age of platforms taking over others done? I doubt it.   1997 was when the very first social media platform hit the world wide web – Six Degrees. It had roughly one million users…
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Advertising has never been so ‘direct’

Everyone has to check their mail.  It’s a necessity in the average American’s daily tasks. So why not continue to send direct mail when you know for sure people have to see it?   The greatest benefit to direct mail is the physicality of it. People still enjoy holding a physical copy of your advertisement.…
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Start texting your customers

Your average American checks their phone 80 times a day and looks at their screen 300 times a day, according to a new study. If that’s where your customers are paying attention, that’s where you need to target them. Sending consumers an SMS advertisement means you have a 98% chance of them opening your message…
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