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Customer Retention Secrets: Boosting Profits and Loyalty with VIP Marketing

We have all heard it before; it is cheaper to keep existing customers than to recruit new ones. But have we ever thought about the data behind it and why it matters so much? According to Outbound Engine, by increasing your current customer retention by 5%, your profits can jump from 25-95%! While the range…
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Influencer Marketing: The Key to Amplifying Your Brand’s Impact

Influencers. The new fad when it comes to promoting products. If you have a big following with a loyal audience who trusts your opinion and engages with your content, you’re probably an influencer. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an influencer is “an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of…
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Why Being Different Matters: Harnessing Creativity for Brand Growth

It’s time to get creative. You’d think it would be common sense to want to stand out in the online world these days, but it seems like more and more people are following in each other’s footsteps. There’s nothing wrong with liking what you see on someone else’s profile or taking ideas from another company.…
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The Rise and Fall of Social Networks: Lessons from Myspace to Present

I know I am not the only one that has noticed that there are no new social networks. So is the age of platforms taking over others done? I doubt it. 1997 was when the very first social media platform hit the world wide web – Six Degrees. It had roughly one million users that…
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Direct Mail: The Perfect Complement to Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Everyone has to check their mail.  It’s a necessity in the average American’s daily tasks. So why not continue to send direct mail when you know for sure people have to see it? The greatest benefit to direct mail is the physicality of it. People still enjoy holding a physical copy of your advertisement. Even…
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The Power of SMS Marketing: Why Text Messages Are a Game-Changer

Your average American checks their phone 80 times a day and looks at their screen 300 times a day, according to a new study. If that’s where your customers are paying attention, that’s where you need to target them. Sending consumers an SMS advertisement means you have a 98% chance of them opening your message…
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Cost-Effective Marketing: How Email Marketing Delivers High ROI

Does email marketing even work? Yes. Yes, it does. In order for email marketing to work, it needs to be done right. When you get a trusted provider that can store your contacts and make an easy setup for your campaigns, you’re already a step ahead. So how do you build this email database? Well,…
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White Label Marketing: How It Works and Why It’s a Game-Changer

Have you ever thought about letting others build a bridge between you and your customer for you? Outsourcing your marketing is a great way to handle that, and if you want it to be all in your name, you get it white labeled. Full-service marketing agencies can easily take your brand and slap it on…
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From Outdated to Outstanding: The Importance of Website Redesign

Keeping an updated and overall good-looking website is key to keeping your business afloat. If your current or potential customers have nowhere to go look at who you are or what you offer, they will find someone who does. Now, you may think your website is doing just fine when you set it up and…
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Boosting Conversion Rates: The Power of Video Marketing

Now it’s time to talk about video. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of professionals stress the importance of implementing video into your marketing, and they’re right. HubSpot says that conversion rates can grow by 80% just by having a video on your landing page. Does that make it worth it for you yet? How about…
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The Rise of SEM: How Paid Search Listings Can Boost Your Business

“We get it, Jenna – the internet and digital marketing platforms are taking over.” Yes, I do feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but I cannot stress enough how incredibly helpful an online presence is in 2019. We’ve covered the importance of social media before, so we’re going to dive deeper into the digital…
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The Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Marketing Agency for Your Business

Having a cohesive marketing strategy starts with just one thing – a full-service marketing agency. Now you may be thinking, “I don’t care who does my marketing as long as it gets done.” Well, it actually matters a lot more than you think. First things first, we all love saving money – if it’s free,…
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Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong: The Impact of Fyre Festival

I’m sure by now most of you have at least heard of the catastrophe that is the Fyre Festival. If you’re still living under a rock, and by that I mean not on social media, you’ve come to the right place to learn today. This festival was set in two weekends of March and April…
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Breaking Bad Marketing Habits: What Marketers and Business Owners Should Do

(M = Marketing Agency, B = Business Owners/Brands) Marketing is anyone’s game in 2019, and there is never just one winner in this game. Industry professionals such as Banton Media have recognized that change in this market is inevitable. So, instead of running in the opposite direction, we plan on running full force ahead and…
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Building a Strong Brand Identity: The Connection between Purpose and Marketing

Are you a business looking for a marketing agency to help you figure your stuff out? Good idea. Hiring someone to take your brand to great lengths is the best way to spend your money, but you can’t do it without a vision. We love clients who ask for our advice and ways they can…
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Choosing the Right Social Media Outlet: Instagram vs. Facebook for Advertising

Facebook purchasing Instagram may have just been them stepping on their own toes. Facebook was cool and helpful, until it just wasn’t anymore. Why’s that? Oh right, Instagram was invented. Since I’ve become accustomed to IG, that is the social media outlet I spend most of my time on. If you’ve read my previous blog…
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Establishing Lasting Relationships Through Email Marketing

The world of advertising has changed drastically over the past few years. Billboards, television commercials, and email campaigns are viewed as obsolete, but they are still very needed. So many advertisers have let traditional advertising take the back burner because of the new forms, like social media and digital marketing. While internet campaigns are very…
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Social Media Marketing 101: Learning the Basics for Business Growth

It’s evident that social media is on the rise, but what’s with people not letting it in? I get the whole idea of sharing on the internet and having your whole life be in the palm of your hand may seem nerve-wracking, but if you’re a business owner – you need to join the wave…
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4 Reasons to Use a Full-service Ad Agency… (and 1 You Might Not Have Thought of)

Marketing your business can be tricky when you’re starting out. The Internet is full of ideas on how to set your business apart from the crowd. But how do you know what will work? And how do you avoid rookie mistakes? The answer may be finding an agency to help you craft your message and…
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Why Google Knows You Better Than Your Friends & Family

The worlds search engine monster, Google, isn’t just a search engine nowadays. Through Google, you can also watch a YouTube video, use Google Maps, or connect with people using Google Mail. If you have a smartphone and a Google account, you’re allowing Google to peak into your life so much so that it probably knows…
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A Mobile Invasion: The Importance of Digital Advertising

You may not even realize it, but you and everyone else has a mobile addiction. The world we live in is mobile obsessed and that isn’t going to change for a long time. Every single day most device users spend at least 3 hours staring at the screen. Research shows that throughout the day, people…
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Geofencing: The Next Level of Location-Based Advertising

Geofencing is changing the game when it comes to how you can reach your customers. Because of smartphones and the GPS technology we all know and love, geofencing has become the most advanced location-based form of advertising. Ten years ago, advertisers only knew where their customers were coming from based on where television commercials were…
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