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In the dynamic world of marketing, ad buying and strategic placement stand as the bedrock of your success. Having an amazing advertisement is just one piece of the puzzle; its true impact hinges on how many prospective customers have the opportunity to see it. This is where Banton Media takes center stage. With years of dedication to perfecting the art of ad buying and placement, we've meticulously curated a team of specialists from the ground up to ensure that your message is precisely delivered to the right audience.

Banton Media's journey began with a singular goal in mind: helping small businesses achieve their loftiest aspirations. Our commitment to ad buying and placement is a testament to this vision. We stand fully prepared to strategically acquire and position ads that catapult small businesses to the next level, enhancing their reach and influence within their target market. Furthermore, our expertise knows no bounds, allowing us to seamlessly collaborate with major franchises and usher national companies onto the global stage.

Whether you're a small business with grand ambitions or a national brand looking to expand your global footprint, Banton Media possesses the knowledge, experience, and unwavering dedication required to ensure that your advertisements are not only created with precision but also seen by the right audience, at the right time, and in the right places. We are your trusted ally in achieving unparalleled visibility and delivering tangible, impactful results.

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    I cannot say enough about my experience in working with Banton Media. They built our company's website, created our logo, social media graphics and landing pages. They are extremely responsive, have great quality work, quick turn around and a serious attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with Michael, Brenden and Jake on our projects!

    Brittany McLennan

    Very friendly, very professional, and makes you feel welcomed! We really loved when we walked in all five guys sat down with us to game plan over what we were wanting done, which was a very professional way to do things. It makes you feel like you are very important and everyone cares about what you wanting done. We love how everyone works together like that what an amazing team😇

    Kayla Orton

    Banton media has always provided us with fresh and forward thinking advertising strategies while being courteous and approachable in their full service handling of our account. They are willing and very capable of turning our "jumbled" ideas into a clear concept and are constantly available for critique and updates to our brand and vision.

    Daves Dockside

    Great company to do business with! Jake is an amazing graphic designer. He designed our new beverage menu and it seemed like our cocktail sales doubled over night. I wish I would have gotten him to do it a long time ago! Thank you to Brandi and her entire team for making my work life SO much easier!

    Stephanie Parsons

    Banton Media is both creative and prompt.. and it's difficult to get both in a marketing company! They are easy to work with and understand what your company is all about and how to get that across to perspective customers. By all means, give them a call!

    Sharon Abee

    Banton Media is easy to work with and very organized! They are quick to respond and very thorough in their planning and execution. I enjoy working with a Brandie and her team!

    Heather Lanier

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