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First impressions are the only chance a business has to make it in the world of commerce, which is why at Banton Media, we create a powerful web designs that force customersto take a second look. We understand the power of words, SEO, imagery, and branding and use these elements to create dynamic websites. Integrating these elements into digital marketing plans, are what make Banton a one-stop Murrells Inlet, SC web design company.

The simple truth is that web design is a difficult excerise when done correctly. You need a web design company that can make you stand out from the crowd. There are billions of websites online; if you want yours to get noticed, then it is time to talk to the team at Banton Media. Unlike many competitors, we handle everything in-house, allowing us to deliver quick results and high-quality products. What you see is what you get.

Kevin Sanders
Kevin Sanders
This company has went above and embryonic to help with the start of my new company and monthly seo services. Swords can’t describe how greatly appreciated I am to have Brandie and the team on my side. I will continue sticking with this company monthly. If you’re looking for a company to help with all marketing then call this company!!!!
Brittany McLennan
Brittany McLennan
I cannot say enough about my experience in working with Banton Media. They built our company's website, created our logo, social media graphics and landing pages. They are extremely responsive, have great quality work, quick turn around and a serious attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with Michael, Brenden and Jake on our projects!
Kayla Orton
Kayla Orton
Very friendly, very professional, and makes you feel welcomed! We really loved when we walked in all five guys sat down with us to game plan over what we were wanting done, which was a very professional way to do things. It makes you feel like you are very important and everyone cares about what you wanting done. We love how everyone works together like that what an amazing team😇
K Leigh
K Leigh
I didn't actually get services from this place but I went into the office. The office was really cool the workers seem very professional and I know they do a lot of marketing, websites, media, video etc. I plan to use them in the future
Lee Zulanch
Lee Zulanch
Great business who make your business goal their goal.
Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson
Love working with Banton’s friendly and professional staff. Quick response and creative minds.
Jon 'Dieselz' Smalls
Jon 'Dieselz' Smalls
Awesome staff! Family friendly! Very knowledgable! Coolest office in Horry County
Christian Perello
Christian Perello
Went there for an interview. The staff was amazing.

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    Web Design - We're Experts

    We have found that a multi-faceted approach leads to the most consistent web design for our clients. Consistency is important to your target audience, internet algorithms, and, most importantly, your reputation. We embody the principle of consistency by providing strong results to our customers. We combine analytics and A/B testing methods to ensure your website is engaging, properly optimized, and responsive before it goes online. Great websites are built not by accident but by team members at Banton Media who work together to ensure every detail is addressed.

    Powerful Web Design Services by the Premiere Murrells Inlet, SC Web Design Company

    We don't outsource any of our auxiliary web design services. By creating and managing every aspect of your web design in-house, we can craft an integrated website that performs well in the SERPs and generates regular leads.

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    Responsive Design

    Good websites are attractive. Excellent websites respond intuitively to their users, and we make the latter happen.


    Visitor Recording Optimization

    Rediscover your target audience by identifying who is visiting your website regularly.


    A/B Testing

    Want to know how we guarantee results? By utilizing measurable results from A/B testing to ensure we always launch the best version of your website.

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    UX/UI Design

    Bounce rates are bad, so we lower yours via innovative user interface design and enhanced user experience techniques.


    Back-End Development

    A strong development team backs strong website design, and Banton Media has the technical talent and creative talent to build strong website architecture.


    Website Maintenance

    The best way to avoid downtime is by staying ahead of website maintenance tasks. Outsource your website maintenance to the crew at Banton Media, and never worry about getting dinged by Google for downtime again.


    Content Strategy

    Content is still king, whether you need written content, images, or video content. Our talented creative team can provide a highly marketable content strategy that suits your niche.


    Internal SEO

    Want to rise to the top of the SERPs? Banton Media can help optimize your website both in terms of local search results and targeted industry search results.


    External SEO

    The best SEO efforts take place both on and off your actual website. Let us handle broadening your exposure and SEO efforts online.


    Membership Websites

    Exclusive platforms offering premium content, products, or services to registered members, providing a personalized and gated experience.