A Mobile Invasion: The Importance of Digital Advertising


You may not even realize it, but you and everyone else has a mobile addiction. The world we live in is mobile obsessed and that isn’t going to change for a long time. Every single day most device users spend at least 3 hours staring at the screen. Research shows that throughout the day, people look at their phones 13 times per hour. Why is that such a big deal in the advertising and marketing world? Well, that’s an easy answer. If you put all the forms of advertising on the board (Radio, TV, Print, Billboards, etc.), absolutely nothing can compare to the digital advertising world. Every day people are taking the time to scroll through their phones and tablets to see the latest Instagram posts, tweets, news updates and weather trends. What’s the catch? There are ads personalized to the user’s interests.

Everything is tracked on the internet. Therefore, advertisers like us can look at the trends people have, the things they’re looking for, and we can target a specific demographic. For example, if I am an advertiser trying to target the right demographic for a pizza shop, I may target people that just searched for a pizza place nearby or people that follow pizza accounts on social media platforms. We know the things they are searching for and who they interact with.

Mobile users often allow location tracking on their phone in order to have access to maps, weather apps, restaurant menus, sports subscriptions, and many other apps. The purpose of doing so is to give relevant proximity to the location they are at. Every-time a mobile user opens their phone, there is a location ping. The thing it opens up is a new world for advertisers. Suddenly, we know exactly who is in the area and where they have been.

Take a look at these statistics: 90% of today’s mobile internet engagement involves mobile apps:
-82% of people consult their phones while shopping at a physical location
-26% of search result in purchases
-76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within one day
-83% of users consider location services as a necessary part of their mobile experience

Here’s the crazy part. Most companies are only putting 13% of their media budgets towards mobile advertising. There are people taking their money and dumping it into forms of media and advertising that aren’t giving them anything in return. With digital advertising, you have people welcoming you into a very important and necessary part of their lives. Wouldn’t you be crazy to not use that to your companies advantage?

If you want to see how much time you spend on your mobile device, download the app “Moment – Screen Time Tracker”. This app will monitor your screen time, keep track of what apps you use the most, count how many times you pick up your phone, and show you what locations you use your phone at the most. I personally tracked my mobile usage on my iPhone for six days and the results are shocking. The mobile world is truly taking over. Don’t miss out on it.

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