The Rise and Fall of Social Networks: Lessons from Myspace to Present

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I know I am not the only one that has noticed that there are no new social networks. So is the age of platforms taking over others done? I doubt it. 1997 was when the very first social media platform hit the world wide web – Six Degrees. It had roughly one million users that…

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Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong: The Impact of Fyre Festival

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I’m sure by now most of you have at least heard of the catastrophe that is the Fyre Festival. If you’re still living under a rock, and by that I mean not on social media, you’ve come to the right place to learn today. This festival was set in two weekends of March and April…

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Breaking Bad Marketing Habits: What Marketers and Business Owners Should Do

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(M = Marketing Agency, B = Business Owners/Brands) Marketing is anyone’s game in 2019, and there is never just one winner in this game. Industry professionals such as Banton Media have recognized that change in this market is inevitable. So, instead of running in the opposite direction, we plan on running full force ahead and…

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Choosing the Right Social Media Outlet: Instagram vs. Facebook for Advertising


Facebook purchasing Instagram may have just been them stepping on their own toes. Facebook was cool and helpful, until it just wasn’t anymore. Why’s that? Oh right, Instagram was invented. Since I’ve become accustomed to IG, that is the social media outlet I spend most of my time on. If you’ve read my previous blog…

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Social Media Marketing 101: Learning the Basics for Business Growth

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It’s evident that social media is on the rise, but what’s with people not letting it in? I get the whole idea of sharing on the internet and having your whole life be in the palm of your hand may seem nerve-wracking, but if you’re a business owner – you need to join the wave…

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