Boosting Conversion Rates: The Power of Video Marketing

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Now it’s time to talk about video. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of professionals stress the importance of implementing video into your marketing, and they’re right.

HubSpot says that conversion rates can grow by 80% just by having a video on your landing page. Does that make it worth it for you yet? How about the open rate of your email with the word “video” in the subject jumping 19%? All because a word is suggesting there’s movement and imagery and most likely something to watch, you’re more successful. 2019 marketing is all about appealing to the eye, and the eye wants videos.

Videos come in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to you and/or your team to figure out what will work best for promoting you or your brand. Not everything you try will be successful, but that’s ok. The key to video marketing is experimentation. This means you try anything and everything you can think of that

1. You enjoy making and

2. Can speak to your brand.

If one doesn’t work, you cut that and try something else. Having a creative production team behind you is always very helpful, but maybe it’s just you and your camera. Go through other campaigns and videos you have seen that could be beneficial to you and change them to fit your style. It’s extremely important, whether it’s you making content for your personal LinkedIn page or filming video segments for your marketing agency, that your videos share your story in a way that doesn’t compromise who you are. You don’t want to go stealing other people’s ideas because, in the end, that’s not your voice.

So what kind of videos are there? Well, there are educational or how-to videos, which can be very helpful to incorporate on your website or social platforms attached to new products or services. There are explainer videos, which is exactly what they sound like – explaining something you’re trying to promote or teach. Banton Media has The Banton Buzz which is an informational segment on all things marketing. These are for anyone who may be interested in the services or learning how to do better in the industry. You also have branding videos which would be used to advertise your company, product, service, or even yourself by telling a story. There’s animation of course, which make things that could be harder to understand into a simple format. Customer testimonials are great to prove to other customers that they will like your product and/or find it useful. Your customers are the best people to speak to a product because they’re the ones that use it and they’re more believable than a salesperson. Finally, the new and majorly popular video, the live video. This is a way to engage your followers and stream live to them, making them watch 8.1x longer than any other video, according to HubSpot. To find more types of videos, check this out.

Not only is video important, but the quality is significant too. You can create good quality videos with any size budget, so it’s important to spend your money wisely. What’s the point of spending money on marketing without decent content to market?

If you’re in need of some help shooting video or promoting them through different online tools, check out my other blog posts as well as The Banton Buzz, which is helping marketers and business owners alike get little tips and tricks on better marketing strategies.

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