Why Google Knows You Better Than Your Friends & Family


The worlds search engine monster, Google, isn’t just a search engine nowadays. Through Google, you can also watch a YouTube video, use Google Maps, or connect with people using Google Mail. If you have a smartphone and a Google account, you’re allowing Google to peak into your life so much so that it probably knows you better than your friends and family.

Google knows who you are. It knows how you sound, how you physically look, how you agree politically and religiously. It even knows how healthy you are. All of this information is collected through the ads they place, searches on chrome, Gmail, photos and more.

Google knows where you’ve been and can guess where you’re going. Using location monitoring and tracking applications, it has specific data about where you live, work, visit, and where you’ve traveled. If you use Google Maps, Waze, Google Calendar or Chrome, you’ve surrendered your location.

Google knows who you’re friends with based on who you talk to. It knows what you like and dislike because of your searches, your shopping trends. It even knows your future plans, as your search history writes a story. If you’ve ever searched for homes in a new area, Google knows you’re probably planning on moving. It knows your routine and what is likely going to happen next for you. How much of that does your family and friends know?

While it all sounds intimidating and scary, we think of it in a different light in the advertising industry. We use Google Ads as one of our biggest forms of advertising for promoting our clients. We do that because Google knows people better than people know people. Google knows how our demographics and how to communicate with them and when to do it. Using the information they already have, we can then target the right people for the product or service we are making advertisements for while getting results and visible data. Make sure your business is using Google’s resources, or you’ll get left behind!

*Research and Information from Visual Capitalist and Statista

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