Geofencing: The Next Level of Location-Based Advertising

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Geofencing is changing the game when it comes to how you can reach your customers. Because of smartphones and the GPS technology we all know and love, geofencing has become the most advanced location-based form of advertising. Ten years ago, advertisers only knew where their customers were coming from based on where television commercials were airing and where billboards were placed. Every estimation was a guess and a shot in the dark. Now, advertisers know exactly where their customers are coming from.

Geofencing is the most accurate way of looking at where people go in the real world because you can know for sure if they’ve visited your location or have been near it. Because of location tracking, we have the ability to target users based on extremely specific geographic areas. When geofencing, we look at the latitude and longitude of an area, and we can then place our ads to the people in a specific coordinate range.

There are so many benefits for businesses when they use geotargeting. By using this technology, you have pinpoint accuracy like never before. Also, businesses can boost mobile performance and reach while doing it at an incomparable scale. Your geofence can be as big or as little as you’d like. Also, with the technology we use, we have the ability to use recency. We can target users immediately when they enter the geofence. We also have the ability to stay with them for up to 30 days after they have left by retargeting them.

Have an event coming up? Geofencing may be an awesome way for you to connect and deliver ads. For example, if you are having an opening event for a brand new business, you can set up a geofence around the event to track who is coming to the event. While they are there, you can send them promotions for the new business. After the event is over, you can continue delivering ads to the specific people that visited the location for the opening event.

How Else Can You Use Geofencing?

  • Promote your business to people that have been to or near your location by sending special offers, loyalty rewards, and more
  • Make a geofence to target locations where your customers spend their time. For example, a business that is targeting Mom’s could create a geofence for places like grocery stores, department stores, and nail salons. The goal is to target other areas that also reach your demographic
  • Use geofencing to target users visiting your competitor. For example, Subway could deliver special offers and promotions to customers visiting Firehouse Subs
  • Use addressable geofencing, which delivers ads to a specific address. For example, if you have already delivered direct mail pieces, you can reinforce your advertising by digitally targeting the same people based on their address. Another example is if you want to advertise to all of your local hospital employees, you can use an addressable geofence to use the hospital addresses

Every business can benefit from geo-fencing. Even online businesses! No matter what, the location of your customers is important to the sales, return and loyalty to your business. What can geofencing do for you?

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